Obstetrical Fees and Payment Schedule

In order to better serve you, it is our practice to obtain your obstetrical benefits from your insurance company on your behalf prior to your first appointment. With that information, we will set you up on a payment agreement for your cost-share, copays, and deductible, so that your portion is paid prior to your fifth month of pregnancy.

We participate with most insurance major insurance companies and will file all insurance claims on your behalf.

If you do not have insurance coverage or your insurance is not going to cover your pregnancy, the following is information on our charges and our self pay policy:


New Patient Office Visit: $  291.00
Established Patient Office Visit: $  189.00
First Trimester Abdominal Ultrasound: $  269.00
Second/Third Trimester Abdominal Ultrasound: $  312.00
 “Early Screen” Nuchal Translucency Ultrasound:                    $  267.00
Transvaginal OB Ultrasound: $  213.00
Fetal Biophysical Profile, with non-stress testing: $  254.00
Fetal Biophysical Profile, without non-stress testing: $  196.00
Non-stress testing: $  115.00
*Global Obstetrical Care with Vaginal Delivery: $3,900.00
*Global Obstetrical Care with Cesarean Delivery: $4,310.00

Schedule of Visits:

When you call for your first appointment, you will be scheduled for a confirmation of pregnancy visit. There is a charge for this initial visit. However, once your pregnancy care has been established, all routine care rendered during the pregnancy is included in the *global obstetrical fees listed above. This care includes physical examinations, recording of weight, blood pressures, fetal heart tones, routine chemical urinalysis, and monthly visits up to 28 weeks gestation, biweekly visits to 36 weeks gestation, and weekly visits until delivery. Any other visits or services within this time period are billed separately. Delivery services include admission to the hospital, the admission history and physical, management of uncomplicated labor, vaginal delivery (with or without episiotomy, with or without forceps), or cesarean delivery. Medical problems complicating pregnancy and labor and delivery management may require additional resources and may be billed separately.

For most patients, for routine obstetrical care, we estimate that you will be charged for the initial visit, two ultrasounds (one during the first trimester [$269], one during the second trimester [$312]), and for your vaginal or cesarean delivery.

A good estimate, therefore for an established self-pay patient is $4670.00 for your basic obstetrical services. If you are a new patient you will owe approximately $4772.00.

We require that the estimated amount be paid in 3 monthly payments or in full by your fifth month of pregnancy. This estimate includes your first OB visit, routine prenatal visits with a vaginal delivery, and 2 routine ultrasounds. If you have a cesarean section delivery, in office labs, additional ultrasounds, non-stress testing, genetic testing, circumcision ($475) if you have a boy, etc. you will be responsible to pay these fees in full at the time of service in addition to your estimated amount.

The fees listed above are charges generated from our office; they do not include charges from the hospital, outside laboratory, anesthesiologist, pediatrician, or any other facility that we may refer you to during your pregnancy.

As always, if you have any questions regarding this policy, or your insurance coverage, please do not hesitate to contact our billing department, at (757) 422-1907. We are more than happy to assist you.