Back Pain and Pregnancy

We often see mothers eagerly waiting for the day that their bodies change enough for it to be obvious they are pregnant. Many of which do not take into consideration the amount of change that occurs to their body’s structure. Some these changes of pregnancy are weight gain, postural, and hormonal effects which create relaxation of the muscles and ligaments, all of which can be attributing factors to back pain. Back pain is a common complaint in pregnancy, but it is something that can be managed, treated and prevented. Learn some tricks and techniques to help prevent and manage back pain during pregnancy here!

Tips to Help with Back Pain During Pregnancy

Your Gear: The clothes and shoes you wear can help or aggravate your back. Try wearing low heel shoes that have good arch support. This will help support your lumbar curve and posture. Wearing loose maternity clothes with supportive waistband can also help support your back.

Proper Posture: When your baby bump begins to grow, so too will the arch in your back. This causes more stress on your vertebral discs and sacroiliac joints. Standing for long periods of time can cause your back to start to ache. Try taking a wider stance when standing with your shoulders rolled back and relaxed. When you sit, you should always try to choose a chair with back support. There are many pillows you can purchase to help aid in getting back support in a chair. Sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees will help take pressure off your back as well.

Staying Active: Being involved in regular physical activity during your pregnancy can help keep your core muscles engaged. This will help give a stronger support for the back during pregnancy. It can be done through easy activities such as swimming or walking. Partaking in light non-straining yoga stretches is also an excellent choice of exercise while pregnant and can definitely help you down the road.

Therapeutic Treatments: Ice and heat are great thermogenic modalities to assist with back pain. Getting a gentle back rub can also help soothe sore muscles and help a mother relax. Try pursuing one from a professional prenatal masseuse.  Also, research has suggested acupuncture or chiropractic treatments bring relief to back pain. Before undergoing such treatment, ensure there is no underlying complication with your primary physician.

If your back pain persists and isn’t responding to any of these tips, it may be necessary to rule out any pregnancy complications by calling your doctor’s office.