Sentara Princess Anne Family Maternity Center Virtual Birthing Tour

The current COVID-19 pandemic has led to many changes with regard to how we deliver healthcare, and has impacted how prenatal education is delivered to expectant parents. For the safety of our patients and their families, Sentara Princess Anne Hospital (SPAH) Family Maternity Center has created a virtual tour of their facilities in order to share important information with you about their facilities, and what to expect during your hospital stay. As always we encourage you to share any questions or concerns with us at your prenatal visits. The link to the virtual tour is provided below:

SPAH Family Maternity Center Virtual Tour

Pampers has launched no-cost access to virtual Childbirth Education––and its available now! The new series consists of nine classes led by two clinical childbirth experts.  You may access this free virtual childbirth education at the following link:

Pampers Childbirth Education Series