Can I do this in pregnancy? Yes, you can.

 BATHE. You may bathe up to 36 weeks gestation. Do not go in hot tubs or Jacuzzis.

HAVE DENTAL CARE. Make sure that your dentist knows that you are pregnant.

SWIM. Do not go in rough water, body surf, or scuba dive. No diving, jumping, or belly flops.

HAVE SEX. The only exception is if you have had problems, such as placenta previa, or if it causes pain, bleeding or contractions. Your doctor will tell you if and when sex becomes off limits for your pregnancy.

EXERCISE. Walking is usually best. If you have been exercising regularly (i.e. running, aerobics, etc.) you may continue on a modified basis for pregnancy (see exercise guidelines).

TRAVEL. You may travel up to 36 weeks. Try to empty your bladder every one to two hours and get up to stretch and move around. Consider taking a copy of your prenatal record with you when you travel.

PAINT. Make sure that the room is well ventilated. Do not climb ladders, and take frequent breaks – at least every hour.

COLOR YOUR HAIR. You may also have it permed, straightened, etc. – consult with your stylist, as the effect on your hair may be different.

Please call our office if you have any questions.