Anterior Colporrhaphy

Midline Defect Repair is a commonly performed repair of a cystocele.


  • Midline defects
  • Mild anterior wall relaxation
  • Defects which are not paravaginal
  • Cystocele of any type in patients whose vaginal function and length is not important

In an Anterior Colporrhaphy, an incision is made in the front wall of the vagina. The vaginal skin is separated from the bladder wall behind it. The weak or frayed edges of the deep vaginal wall are found and the strong tissue next to edges are sutured to each other lifting the bladder and recreating the strong ”wall” underneath it. The vaginal incision is then closed with dissolving stitches.

Anterior Colporrhaphy1 Anterior Colporrhaphy2 Anterior Colporrhaphy3 Anterior Colporrhaphy4