Fighting the Scale – A Pregnant Physician’s Perspective Part IV by Ilene Goldstein, MD

In the last ten years practicing obstetrics, I’ve heard countless women state they entered pregnancy with a higher body weight than they would have liked. I’ve counseled patients in the preconception time period regarding optimizing health prior to pregnancy and for many this includes recommendations for weight reduction to enhance the ability to conceive and… Read more

Let’s Talk About…Wait, what?!? Sex? Libido?

Let’s talk about … Wait, what?!? It’s OK, I’m your gynecologist.  You can talk to me about … (sex!).  The vast majority of my patients have the “logistics” of it down, it’s the libido part (or lack thereof) that plagues most of us. Well … I’m going to tell you something that maybe no other… Read more

Finally…A REALLY good reason to lose weight! by Mary A. Burns, M.D.

Yes, most of us know we should lose weight.  Our doctors tell us.  Women’s magazines tell us.  Our mirrors tell us.  We know losing weight will reduce our risk of medical conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.  We will have more energy.  We will fit more comfortably in our clothing.  The problem is getting… Read more

A Pregnant Physician’s Perspective…. by Ilene Goldstein, M.D.

I am admittedly a terrible patient. Often those who work in the medical field are chastised for taking poor care of themselves despite spending hours daily caring for others. Now I’m in a new position, with a new patient perspective — when office visits and acting as a “good patient” are no longer about me…. Read more

Embarrassing Bowel Leakage

by Mary A. Burns, M.D., FACOG, FPMRS In medicine, there are quite a few conditions women encounter that they may find too embarrassing to bring up to their doctor. Low libido, bladder leakages, fear of STDs are just a few to name. However, for the 14 million women who encounter accidental bowel leakage, I think… Read more

Have you ever had a “Doorknob Moment”?

Those that have, you know what I mean. For those that haven’t, please let me explain. You are comfortable and you have no sensation to urinate, but as soon as you arrive home and place the key in the front door or turn the doorknob you develop an overwhelming sudden urge to urinate.  Often you will even start to… Read more

Losing Weight and Winning the Battle of the Bulge

One  of the most common challenges that our society and our patients face is maintaining a healthy weight. Obesity is both a national epidemic and a personal struggle for many patients and for me. In my patient population and personal life, certain choices are consistently associated with success in weight loss and weight maintenance. These… Read more

How to Beat Insomnia and Get Back to ZZZZZZ…

One of the most common complaints among my patients is that of poor sleep.  From difficulty falling asleep to middle of the night awakening to restlessness with poor sleep quality–the complaints keep coming! Whether you are an expectant mother struggling to sleep, or a new mom trying to get much-needed rest, there are several things… Read more