A Salute to Military Mommas

Like most women, I can vividly remember the day I went into labor with my second child. My contractions started on a Sunday morning, and I was in denial. I began that Sunday like any other during my husband’s 2nd deployment. I woke up, showered, dressed, and helped my two year old put on a… Read more

Bladder Control: Another great benefit of Botox

Did you know there is another great reason to love BOTOX? Many of us know the advantages of Botox- keeping us ladies and gents from losing our fountain of youth. There have always been known, but limited medical uses for this lovely substance until now. A recent study was presented at the  American Urogynecologic Society’s… Read more

Abnormal Uterine Bleeding (AUB)

Menstruation affects every woman in this world in some way. A typical woman can expect to menstruate for 40 years of her life! The start of menstruation (menarche) occurs around age 9-15.  In some cultures it is celebrated.  For example, special Native American songs honor “Moon Time”.  For others it is cloaked in secrecy and… Read more

Birth Control Pills and Mirena IUDs – Scarier than Zombies?!

AHH! Recently, while watching the season finale of my favorite zombie show, what I found most intriguing wasn’t the award-winning acting or the intricate story lines, it was the aggressive commercials that followed.  Lately there seems to be an overwhelming increase in television ads pandering to our greatest medical fears. Yaz, Mirena, Robot Surgery, the… Read more

Is New Motherhood Not the Happiest Time of your Life?

I want to write today about a topic that is neither glamorous nor pleasant to discuss…postpartum depression.  Research shows that 20% of new mothers experience some postpartum depression; however, this number may be even greater since many cases go unreported.  Postpartum depression is a real medical illness and often requires medical treatment. The new mother… Read more

Pap Test Guidelines – Less Truly is More

In recent months we have had a slew of questions about the new pap test guidelines from patients and colleagues. Recent changes have left many women confused about an age-old yearly test. So we want to debunk some of the myths, and clear up some of the confusion. Screening for cervical disease and prevention of… Read more

Birth Control: More than just “the pill”

Today I want to talk about misnomers.  We all know that “Kleenex” refers to any facial tissue.  We all store our leftovers in “Tupperware”, though not a single piece of plastic in our pantry may be etched with that name. But let it be clearly known that when your friendly gynecologist asks, “Do you need… Read more

Adjusting to New Motherhood – Letting Go

Two years ago, I joined some of my patients in the ranks of “new mother”.  And what a journey it has been.  I now understand the plight of the bleary-eyed, perpetually sleep-deprived souls who are hopelessly and desperately in love with their offspring.  I also have a new perspective as a doctor as to what… Read more

Jerry Seinfeld and the Vulva

Okay ladies. Time to talk about the vulva.  That’s right….the vulva.  And I don’t mean the Swedish automobile or the parkway in Chesapeake.  I am referring to the female external genitals. Just the word ‘vulva’ makes many people cringe with discomfort.  There are a slew of monikers for this body part.  Over the years we have… Read more